Your IRS Debt has Nothing To Do with the Goodness of Your Soul

- Ralph Nelson, EA

Your IRS Debt has Nothing To Do with the Goodness of Your Soul

- Ralph Nelson, EA

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Recent Settlements

Offer in Compromise
Debt $385,812 settled for $11,844
Debt $227,011 settled for $10,245
Debt $112,489 settled for $1,132
Debt $49,973 settled for $22,060
Audits/Late Filing
Debt $103,870 settled for $0.00
Debt $64,811 settled for Refund of $308
Debt: $78,017 settled for $13,905
Debt: $131,820 settled for $68,294

What We Offer

We provide Tax Resolution to clients in all fifty states.

Help With Your IRS Audit

Help With Your IRS Audit

Have you received a letter or notice from a tax agency? We can help you interpret what the IRS is asking for so you can respond to the letter appropriately and put this behind you.

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Filing Prior Years Returns

Filing Prior Years Returns

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Whatever your situation, we are here for you when you are ready to get caught up, and the sooner, the better.

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Owing the IRS Money El Cerrito CA Berkeley CA

Owing the IRS Money

If you owe money to the IRS but can’t pay, there are several options available to you depending on your circumstances.

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Behind in Your Payroll Tax El Cerrito CA Berkeley CA

Behind in Your Payroll Tax

The most important thing you can do is to get help from a tax representation professional as soon as possible.

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We enjoy getting to know our clients and delivering personalized service. We look forward to meeting you!

Client Testimonials

My wife and I, both small business owners, had gotten a late start on our taxes and also wanted to explore multiple filing options. We contacted Financial Harmony as suggested by a friend. Ralph Nelson jumped right into our complex tax situation while walking us through the information he needed and the decisions at hand with patience and a good sense of humor. We couldn’t have been more pleased by the professionalism and level of care displayed by Financial Harmony and plans to work with them for years to come.”

Brad G.
Emeryville, CA

I was audited by the IRS regarding an issue that was an oversite by my previous tax preparer. Ralph Nelson took responsibility for dealing with the IRS. His excellent work saved us thousands of dollars, as well as doing all the dealings with the IRS. Financial Harmony Tax Resolution stays up with the changes in the tax code each year so that its clients can benefit.

Hank S.
Hayward, CA

We needed help and guidance desperately when the IRS audited our small business. Our working relationship with the IRS reps was terrible. Mr. Nelson established a good relationship with our IRS agent, and even found us someone to help sort out all of our paperwork and put it together in a way that the IRS would accept. This was done on tight deadlines and Mr. Nelson was always calm and reassuring, which also greatly helped. The IRS ended up owing us money!

Cindy B.
Fairfield, CA

I went to Ralph at a time of crisis: my business and savings had been devastated by the recession, and then I had a very serious cancer diagnosis. Ralph understands systems. While I concentrated on physical survival, he dealt with the IRS and state. In a remarkably short time, my tax situation was completely resolved.

Take note: when you work with Ralph, he does his part, but you have to do your part, as well. He is ethical and will expect the same of you. But he is also solid and supportive. He makes it clear that he sees your worth as a human being. Knowing I could count on him and his expertise freed me from much anxiety and made it possible for me to apply my energies productively. My health is now great and my business is thriving also.

Susan L.
Berkeley, CA

Ralph Nelson of financial harmony really came through for us with our taxes. He dug in, filed the appropriate paperwork for our extension (our originally selected accountant strangely went MIA), he worked several different scenarios for us and talked my very examiner husband through everything in a low key and cheerful manner. He has a very good bedside manner which is something we have struggled to find in an accountant. Money can be a very challenging topic for us as I'm sure it is for many people. Just want to let everyone know that he's great to work with.

Marie B.
Berkeley, CA

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